September 2006
Auktyon is going to New York City for the recording sessions with the new album in mind. Marc Ribot, John Medeski and Frank London will be the quest musicians at the sessions.

Auktyon: A page, dedicated to Auktyon's new "Pioneer" compilation, is added.

The release date for DVD "Zima - Leonid Fedorov live @ CHA 27/02/2004" (at the "Otdelenie Vyhod" label) is tentatively set for the 15th August 2006.

July 2006
Auktyon: reviewed Auktyon's new "Pioneer" compilation (four "stars" out of five).

Auktyon's new "Pioneer" compilation (aimed for the North American market) released by the Circular Moves label.

Sad news of Vladimir Veselkin, who used to perform with Auktyon in 1988 - 1992: as a result of a traffic accident, he lost his leg from the knee down.
LJ-community for the support of Vladimir Veselkin: together_vovatogether_vova.

16 - 29/03/06
Auktyon was on the Spring 2006 US & Canada tour. Read the press coverage about it at

Auktyon performed as a part of the "GlobalFest" international festival's program in New York. Photo and audiofiles from this performance can be found at the WorldZone website (via

"Besonders" now may be officially downloaded for listen from (mp3).

Discography: a new "Besonders" CD from Leonid Fedorov and Vladimir Volkov was presented at the CHA concert hall in Moscow.

Pavel Litvinov was buried in St. Petersburg.

At 10 p.m. 15 December 2005 at the Military Medical Academy clinic in St. Petersburg, Pavel Litvinov of Auktyon, 46, died of a stroke.

Within the XVIII Moscow international book expo-fair, the presentation of the "Figures of speech" anthology, expanded with the "Vvedensky "CD (contains Leonid Fedorov's composition to the Alexander Vvedensky's poem), will be held.

July 2005
Leonid Fedorov's "Ulitka Records" releases "Literali" - the debut CD by the Russian-Dutch duet Translit.

Gigs: "AuktYon" will perform within the program of the "Okna otkroy" rock festival to be held at the Kirov's stadium in St. Petersburg.

29/04/05 - 09/05/05
Gigs: "AuktYon" tours U.S.A..

A webpage dedicated to the new CD by Leonid Fedorov and Vladimir Volkov titled "Tayal (Melt)" is opened.

A new CD by Leonid Fedorov and Vladimir Volkov titled "Tayal (Melt)" is practically prepared for the release, and is planned to be presented on 2 April, 2005, at the CHA concert hall in Moscow.

The "4" movie, directed by Ilya Khrjanovsky, in which Leonid Fedorov plays a small cameo, received two awards - "The Golden Cactus" as well as Tiger Award - at the Independent movie festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Leonid Fedorov, Vladimir Volkov and Sergey Starostin performed as a part of the program of the "Russian Night" concert to be held during the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Leonid Fedorov became a guest of the "Vecherniy Svet (Evening Light)" of the "Radio Mayak". Listen to the broadcast record at the radio station's official website.

Leonid Fedorov took part in the concert In Memoriam of Alexei Khvostenko in Moscow, along with Anna Khvostenko, Anatoli Gerasimov, Sergey 'Silya' Sel'unin', Anna "Umka" Gerasimova, Andrei Tropillo, Dmitry Shagin and others.

Late at night, Alexei 'Khvost' Khvostenko died of a heart failure at the 61st municipal hospital in Moscow.

The 7th anniversary of Leonid Fedorov's website

The "Den' Pobedy" is in the final of the "International Songwriting Competition". You can vote for it here (please bear in mind that there it was retitled as "Victory Day").

The "Lilovy Den' (Purple Day)" CDs are now available through

Lenia sold out his Yamaha guitar, which was acquired by one of his fans. Our congratulations go to the lucky buyer of this rarity, as well as to Lenia himself, for now he has got a new instrument: acoustic-electric Yamaha DWX7CTBS guitar.

└uktyon: A "Letopis" special programme on the "Nashe Radio " was dedicated to the "Ptiza (Birdie)" album.

Video: A RusTV video about Lenia's concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 8 May 2003, is linked onto from this website.

Photo: A new set of photos, made at Leonid Fedorov's concert at the 'Club la', Amsterdam, Netherlands, in July 2003, added.

AuktYon began their USA tour - 2003 with a concert at the "T.T. The Bear's Place" club in Boston, MS.

Discography: The "Lilovy Den' (Purple Day)", a new album by Leonid Fedorov has been released by the "Geometria" record label with participation of "Ulitka Records".
On the "Discography" page of this website, you may find out about the track list as well as the other credits of this new release, as well as listen to two of the album compositions (in RealAudio format).

AuktYon celebrated their 20th anniversary with two live programs (The Older Stuff and The Newer Stuff) played on the 29th and 30th August at the "16 tons" club in Moscow.

Photo: New pictures added, taken at Lenia's live gig at the "Northsix" club in NYC, USA, 19 September, 2003. Photos were made by Max Milendorf
The "Bumer (Bimmer)" motion picture by P. Buslov, with its soundtrack containing the "Zimy ne budet" track by Fedorov Volkov Kurashov, is out of production. The soundtrack CD has been released by the "Misteriya Zvuka" record label.

AuktYon took part in the musical maraphone of the "Nashestvie. Version 2003" virtual festival on the "Nashe radio".

Gig Dates: The dates are set and the press release made for the AuktYon's North American tour - 2003. The information originates from the AuktYon's official English website.

The "Okhota na Zaitsev (Harehunting)" short movie, directed by Igor Voloshin, premiered at the Smaller Hall of the Central House of Cinema in Moscow. To the movie sountrack, the music was contributed by Fedorov Volkov Kurashov, Auktyon, Anton Guzev (Black Fade Project) and Sainkho, accompanied by Vladimir Tarasov, Peter Kowald and Vladimir Volkov.

Projects: A new page about Lenia's new project - the Fedorov Kotov Starostin trio - was uploaded.

Lenia Fedorov performed live solo, for the first time, in Amsterdam, Netherlands ("Pickup Club", JA Production). On the same date, Lenia was the guest of Oleg Lifshitz's "Nobody's Perfect" program on the Radio 100.

AuktYon: The band's official 2-CD mp3-collection was released at the "RMG Records" label. It contains the band's 9 albums, Leonid Fedorov's solo album "Fourandahalfgrand", cooperative effort with Vladimir Volkov and Slava Kurashov "Zimy ne budet" and three full-concert live recordings of 1998, as well as lyrics and photos.

"Eto mama (It's Mum)", Auktyon's new live album officially went on sale through the "Mysteria Zvuka" record label.

Leonid Fedorov's Anabena is in Top Ten best audio CDs of 2001 as per the popular Russian web-shop portal Ozon

The "Mekhanicheskaya Suita (Mechanical Suite)" movie, directed by D. Meskhiev, was premiered at the Central House of Cinematographists in Moscow. The movie sountrack is composed by S. Kurashov and V. Volkov of VolkovTrio, with the inclusion of two songs performed by Leonid Fedorov and Sergei Starostin

The official website of Lenia's friends and creative partners, VolkovTrio, is launched (in Russian only yet)

A new release - "Zavtra Potop (The Flood Comes Tomorrow)" album by Khvost & Gerasimov, is out at Ulitka Records

August 2001
A new album - "Verpovaniya (Warpings)", live'92 by Khvost & AuktYon, is out at Manchester Files

Video: Three videos to songs from Zimy ne budet and Anabena CDs are now available to be seen

Leonid Fedorov and VolkovTrio's live set was a part of the 5th Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF-5) in St. Petersburg

March 2001
Leonid Fedorov was filmed for a cameo appearance in a short movie "4" directed by Ilya Khrjanovsky. The movie sountrack is performed by VolkovTrio.
Auktyon releases Doroga (The Road), a new compillation of the previously released material.

Anabena, Leonid Fedorov's authorized anthology of remixed works of 1998 - 2000, has been released on CD by Ulitka Records as its debut product. This release is a limited edition. To celebrate Leonid Fedorov's new release, this site is redesigned to the original concept of Anabena's cover, to which Leonid himself contributed.

Leonid Fedorov has established a new record label, Ulitka Records

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